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dmission tickets and encouraged tourists to help share them through social media.Personal information of about 300 missing children, includi▓ng their names, photos, dates of disappearance as well as▓ contact numbers of family members, ▓are printed on paper attached to tickets for the fair held in Han Yuan, a famous cultural park in the city."Thousan

ds of people visit the annual temple fair, which lasts for 17 days, and we want to take this chance to do someth▓ing meaningful," said Yang Shengnan, deputy manager of▓ the park.The sources of the children's information, who come from all over the country, are from the missing▓ persons' websites or provided by local NGOs, said Yang."We have contacted

families or websites to update the information before we pri▓nt them out. Some children have been found, while others have remained missing for years. The ▓parents thanked us for creating one more chance of getting any clue to the whereabouts of their lost kids," she said.Apart from the special admission ticket supplements, a display panel of 110 s

quare meters with pertinent information has been set up in the park to attract public attention. The panel, along with the tickets, cost near▓ly 10,000 yuan ($1,573), said Yang.She sai▓d the park planned to print more paper with lost children's information because the Lant▓ern Festival, which takes place next Friday, will attract large crowds to tak

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o aren't necessarily children, including the elderly, during the Tomb Sweepin▓g Festival in April."We have started to collect the information now," she said."Losing my son remains a pain in my heart. I have tried m▓any ways and was once cheated out of money," said Xie▓ Liuming, from Hunan province, whose eldest son, Xie Yujie, went missing on Oct 6, 2013, at the age of 6▓."I feel grateful that many kind people offered help, including the ticket method. My wife and I will not change our contact information or shut off our mobile phones. We are waiting

for good news,▓" said the 34-year-old father who has nev

er stopped searching for his child.Most netizens praised the idea on social media, saying it ▓not only helps to spread information, but also raises people's awar

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rotecting children and the eld▓erly.Please scan the QR Code to follow▓ us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatCouple arrested in Southern Cali

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